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Therapeutic massage is treatment that is more focused on dealing with a specific issue or injury. The pressure and technique will vary depending on the individual, but the goal is resolution of the issue.
It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff neck, back and shoulders, TMJ, Sciatica, Tendonitis, and other overuse injuries. The treatment can be uncomfortable, so communicate with your therapist during the treatment and to report any lasting discomfort post-treatment.

All therapists

Cupping Massage brings the ancient art of fire cupping into modern day massage practice. Cupping is a technique whereby a vacuum is created in a cup, drawing the skin up and separating the layers of superficial fascia. This allows space for freshly oxygenated blood to rush into the layers below, relieving adhesions and metabolic stagnation. The technique is applied anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes, with varying degrees of intensity, depending on the condition
Cupping has a long lasting affect on deep tissues, fascial restrictions, the movement of fluids, and in increasing ranges of motion. Cupping Massage can also have a strong sedative effect when the cups are left on for longer periods of time.
Ecchymosis (bruising) is a common side effect of cupping, but does not always occur. The bruising commonly last 1-5 days.

Pamela Baillie, Andrea Miller, Karen Buchanan-Sauve, Jana Veltheim, Sara Auckland, Patrice Sirois, Jamie-Marie Gibson and Mariam Rassi

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that can have incredible results in the relief of pain. It is a structural treatment for musculoskeletal pain and imbalance that allows the body to "reset" itself, thereby improving its function. (It has been compared to homeopathy in that it encourages the body to heal itself.)

The "Bowen move" is a gentle stretch/release of specific points on the body to stimulate the nervous system to be aware of these areas. The points are typically on postural muscles and nerve bundles, so in addition to being therapeutic, the treatment can be very relaxing. The Bowen Technique can be used on anyone with chronic discomforts or acute pain or trauma, and can be particularly beneficial in the treatment of muscular and joint dysfunction.

Jana Veltheim, Elizabeth Eaton-Loken and Sara Auckland

The Craniosacral system is made up of the cranium (skull), the spinal cord, and the sacrum (tailbone), and the membrane that envelops the brain and the spinal cord (the dura). It is a hydraulic system, with the bones of the skull expanding and contracting to maintain a consistent flow of cerebrospinal fluid and to prevent pressure from building within the system. Since this system influences the development and functioning of the brain and spinal cord, an imbalance or restriction in it could cause various sensory, motor or neurological disabilities.

This very gentle osteopathic technique involves mobilization of the cranial bones, the dural membrane, as well as the deep layers of myofascial connective tissue of the body where restrictions are held. The therapist uses a very light touch which allows the body to self-correct and restore balance thereby relieving pain and increasing mobility. It is a very effective treatment for headaches/migraines as well as long standing pain syndromes.

Jana Veltheim, Sara Auckland, Elizabeth Eaton-Loken, Andrea Miller, Jenna Sweet, Marie Bonselaar, Diana Truesdell, Zephyr Samchuck-Snarch (RMTs) and Marian Sears-Carter, Physiotherapist

Research done in the 1970’s by Dr. John Upledger and biophysicist Zvi Karni led to the discovery that the body often retains the emotional imprint of physical trauma. These “imprints” of intense feelings (anger, fear, resentment) that may have occurred at the time of injury leave residues, restrictions and pain in the tissues of the body. Purely emotional trauma or stress also create physical restrictions and pain in the tissues. Through Somato-Emotional release, the therapist engages in imaging and dialoguing techniques combined with gentle manual techniques to guide the client through an otherwise challenging encounter with long held emotions. The client does not need to analyze the problem in order to release it from the body. As these imprints/restrictions are released, the body is free to return to its optimal level of functioning.

Marian Sears-Carter

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient massage therapy technique based on yoga and Ayurvedic bodywork.The practitioner guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures while massaging with palms and thumbs along the "Sen" or energy lines and acupressure points.

This therapy stimulates the body's own recuperative powers by removing energy blockages in these areas. Thai Yoga Massage is a full-body treatment that is the ideal massage for stress reduction, and is effective in relieving muscular tension, improving circulation, boosting immune function and balancing the bodys energy.

Thai Yoga Massage is usually administered over loose clothing, with the client stretched out on a large floor mat. No oils or lotions are used in traditional Thai massage.

Avi Davies, Laine Robertson, Jenna Sweet, Pamela Baillie and Dragan Lazetic

Indian Head Massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. The purpose of the treatment is to stimulate acupressure points and energy centres in these areas to help relieve tension and congestion.

This treatment combines the physical elements of massage with Ayurvedic energy balancing. It can have profound effects on the body, leaving the client with a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being. An excellent technique for headaches, stress and anxiety.

Sara Auckland, Elizabeth Eaton-Loken, Jenna Sweet, Jamie-Marie Gibson and Pamela Baillie

Yoga is for every body – Start your personalized practice today. Make your personal practice even more personal with a one on one session with Elizabeth. Tailor your practice to your needs and practice in the comfort of your own home or let Elizabeth reserve a serene yoga space.

Why practice privately?

- Hectic or fluctuating schedule
- Injury or disability needing special attention and focus
- Private fitness setting if shy

Elizabeth has experience working with people with:

- High stress lifestyle
- Low back pain
- Osteoarthritis (hands, hips and knees)
- Amputated limbs
- Sport specific muscle assymmetries (i.e. golf, tennis, squash, swimming, water polo, horseback riding, alpine skiing, basketball, soccer, hockey)
- Deep tissue injury following a motor vehicle accident
- Pelvic assymmetries
- Pregnancy
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Visual impairment

Elizabeth Whissell, RYT500, M.Sc. (Human Kinetics)

Rates & Policies

This form of bodywork involves the combination of Swedish Massage techniques, and the application of heated stones to different areas of the body.

Hot Stone massage therapy combines the benefits of heat with traditional massage techniques (Swedish Massage). Heated stones are used as tools to deliver a massage at a pressure that is most comfortable to the client, whether through light, gentle strokes, or deep-tissue treatment.

Stones are used in two ways during this massage therapy treatment: first, the body is heated by placing the stones in specific areas on and under it; the therapist then simultaneously massages the client with oiled, heated stones, using firm strokes along the back, arms and legs.

The heat relaxes the muscle tissue, increasing blood flow to the area being treated. This accelerates the healing process, and is also deeply relaxing. In addition to its therapeutic uses, this massage therapy technique is ideal for neck and shoulder tension and dealing with stress.

There is an additional $10 charge on the treatment price. (ex. 60 min Hot Stone is $105, not $95)

Sara Auckland, Alex Charron-Martin, Jessica Oliver, Jenna Sweet, Karen Buchanan-Sauve, Andree-Anne Rusaw, Stephanie Guillemette, Pamela Baillie, Jamie-Marie Gibson, Mariam Rassi and Emily Burns

The lymphatic system is a complex network of lymph nodes and vessels that carry and remove lymph fluids throughout the body. Lymph nodes filter bacteria and foreign matter from the bloodstream, which is why they are sometimes called the "garbage collectors" of the body.

Movement of the lymph fluid is essential to prevent swelling in the extremities leading to Lymphedema or to improve immunity and remove toxins from the body naturally. Lymphatic Massage helps the lymph system perform its usual function. It is beneficial for both healthy individuals and persons with a compromised lymphatics system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle and rhythmic technique. It is often the only technique a palliative patient can tolerate as it is also very analgesic. Most people experience lymphatic massage as deeply relaxing and even rejuvenating. Despite the light massage technique it is very effective in its intentions to awaken the lymphatic system and create pathways for the lymph fluid to flow and be removed from the body naturally.

Stephanie Guillemette, Krista Dicks, and Tom Hunt

Prenatal massage is very beneficial for both mother and child, with treatments for mums-to-be easily modified to accommodate physical changes. At the Align Massage Therapy clinics, we have both the pregnancy pillow system and body pillows for side-lying.

All of the Align Massage Therapists are trained in prenatal care, and can offer advice on stretching and/or exercise during a healthy pregnancy, although several have done more advanced training and have additional experience.

Please note: If you have any health concerns related to your pregnancy, this massage therapy should be performed only after your doctor has given medical approval.

All Therapists

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique dating back more than 2000 years. After studying the stimulation of acupuncture points and their clinical effects, western medical research has scientifically proven that acupuncture has many benefits, including the relief of pain through stimulating the production of endorphins (our bodies' natural pain-relieving chemicals), and an anti-inflammatory effect through the stimulation of Cortisol.

The body has many different acupuncture points and meridians that correspond to anatomical structures. Fine needles and/or pressure can be applied to these points to affect pain-relief and healing.

Please note that Align Massage Therapy clinics treat only musculoskeletal problems with acupuncture; we do not address issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss or organ system dysfunctions.

Commonly treated problems include neck pain/ migraines, low back pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and shoulder tendonitis.

Sara Auckland (RMT) and Marian Sears-Carter

A gentle hands-on technique, Myofascial Release Therapy works with the connective tissues of the body to promote healing and ease restriction of movement. This therapy takes advantage of the body's innate healing wisdom and utilizes the fascia's pliable nature in order to achieve increased range of motion along with decreased incidence of pain and discomfort.

Isabelle Dicaire, Karen Buchanan-Sauve, Ian Casiple, Jessica Lennox, Marie Bonselaar

Foot reflexology is a massage therapy technique based on the principle that reflex points on the feet and hands correspond to various organs and systems in the body. Balance is restored to the body through the application of pressure to these points.

It is an extremely relaxing technique and is excellent for dealing with stress and anxiety. Foot reflexology is also an excellent introduction to touch for those unaccustomed to or uncomfortable with massage therapy.

For those who love heat, Align Massage Therapy clinics also offer "Hot Stone Reflexology." While one foot is being treated, the other is warmed with toe stones; other stones are placed around the client to maintain warmth. As with other heat-oriented treatments, hot-stone foot reflexology is a profoundly relaxing experience.

Sara Auckland, Jessica Oliver, Pamela Baillie and Dragan Lazetic

The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy. Reiki is a simple and natural bodymind healing method that channels this life energy through the practitioner into the patient.

The treatment begins with the clothed client lying on a massage table while the practitioner’s hands "scan" the energy field. Areas of blocked energy are felt as either hot or cold, and so the practitioner will try to normalize the flow of energy and eliminate the blockages. The client will often feel warmth or tingling during the treatment.

The purpose of this treatment is to create balance in the body and harmonize the different systems. It is very effective in dealing with stress and anxiety, and can also be beneficial for digestive disturbances.

Jana Veltheim, Sara Auckland, Elizabeth Eaton-Loken, Jenna Sweet, and Marie Bonselaar

Integrated Energy Therapy is based on the Eastern medical approach which acknowledges the electromagnetic field of the human body (Etheric body, Energy body, Qi, Life force, Prana, Innate Intelligence). These energy pathways, called Meridians, are as intricate and thorough as the way our veins, arteries and nerves run through our physical body. The flow of energy through our body can become restricted or stagnant which feels like heaviness or like a blockage and sometimes pain or discomfort. Energy blockage can have a limiting effect on how we experience life.
Some experiences in life challenge us and cause us to contract, often resulting in a blockage if the issue is not integrated. Some causes can be an experience of trauma, emotional crisis, suppressed feelings, self limiting thoughts, exhaustion, and daily stress building up without sufficient time for release. Which can turn into low energy and a sense of frustration. We often go through our days always spending our energy through action and activity or giving to others, work, chores etc. Tension can at times build in our system when we aren’t giving our bodies adequate time to slow down and replenish, this can often feel like fatigue, low energy, anxiety, frustration, stress etc.

This treatment is a gentle yet effective way to release stagnant energy and open the systems back up to the flow of vital life force that energizes and sustains us. We first start with Energizing the meridian points, which sets the stage for the next step which is to trigger the energy and invite it to release, followed by pulling the stagnant energy out of the, physical, etheric, emotional, mental then spiritual layers of the body system. The final step is to integrate the fresh nourishing energy of Spirit( lifeforce, Qi, innate intelligence, prana) into the system which tends to feel really refreshing and replenishing. This treatment is offered as a support to the body on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, treating the person holistically.

Chantelle Rieger

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Rates do not include HST. For more information on Ontario’s RMT services and fees, click here.  There is an additional charge of $10 for Hot Stone treatments.

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