Align Massage Therapy started in 2000, with the goal of providing a calm, healing atmosphere for both clients and our staff. The industry was in its early years, and building a massage therapy practice was really hard. Well, after 18 years, we've got it down pat, and welcome new RMTs and experienced ones to join us and lose the stress. We have everything you require to start, grow and maintain a practice - receptionists, linen service, marketing (social media and radio ads for goodness sake!), online booking and charting, tools and training and a competitive split. We don't have crappy pay, rigid scheduling, micromanagers or scary contracts. Most therapists start and stay with us, and move on if they literally move (to another city usually). We are a team, a group of friends and would love to meet you!

Currently, we are looking for full or part-time RMTs for Beechwood, Bank St, Barrhaven and Cooper.

Please send a resume, or pop in for a visit! You can reach the head honcho at


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